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  • The Best Way to Read the News on Your iPad?
  • 2. Apple News!
  • 2. Flipboard.
  • ‎Flipboard: News for our time on the App Store;
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It's simple to scroll through articles to find something of interest, and the main feature of the app's interface is the menu button in the upper-left corner that lets you choose different sections. Best of all, the app is lightning fast.

Don’t Forget to Try Your Favorite Publisher’s App

One thing that puts the ESPN app over the top as a sports news app is how much it packs into the app. When you open up theScore, you see a lot of unused real estate when you are not reading a story. ESPN puts that same screen space to use with a Twitter feed curating tweets about your favorite teams. In most ways, the apps are similar. You can pick favorite sports and favorite teams to follow, and they are both great at giving you a quick look at the day's sporting news.

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The 12 Best News Apps for Keeping Up with the Best of the Web

Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated December 18, What We Like Morning, evening, and weekend digests. Sidebar for discovering new news sources or jumping to favorites. Syncs with News app on Mac computers. What We Don't Like Contains some advertising. Huge collection of news sources is overwhelming. What We Like Clean, attractive design.

1. Google Play Newsstand

Excellent curated news sources. Articles can be saved to read later. What We Don't Like Lengthy content loading time. Intrusive ad placement.

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Ads disguised as real stories. What We Like Contains all the elements of a print newspaper, plus some. When you connect your Twitter and Facebook account with Nuzzel, the app surfaces the most shared stories from your network to the top. It works marvellously. I regularly open Nuzzel to find what people I follow are reading. Nuzzel gives you options to customize the feed as well. Thanks to the karma system, technology related subreddits are a great source for finding good stuff to read, be it important news of the day or long form features.

Narwhal is one of the best ways to do this on the iPad.

I would suggest you create a multireddit called News, and add all the news related subreddits in there. Next, open the sidebar on the right and select the news subreddit. Newsify — Newsify is a feature rich, newspaper style news app that integrates with Feedly. The app is similar to Apple News in that you select various sources, and the app populates a news feed for you. Share with us in the comments below.

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Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I've got a whole bunch of "news aggregator" apps on my phone because I'm a news junkie, but this is my favorite.

10 Best News Apps for Android and iOS

Welcome back, Flipboard! Unfortunately, this is a known issue with version 4. Please update your app to the stable version 4. If you have not tried this app, you must try it out! It's very graphical and pretty on my retina iPad and my Generally works very smoothly. BUT be careful if you have a cellular connection!

5 Best News Apps For Android

FlipBoard being so graphical and beautiful is a HUGE a data hog assuming you're viewing something graphical and not text so if you're on a low data plan be careful. Because of the retina display it "shrinks" some graphics too small like animated GIFs in Tumblr pages and it's too hard to read.

The Best News Aggregators and Digital Magazines for iPad

Needs some user adjustment on that what size to shrink to retina proportions and to size text. I don't think it's as useful on the iPhone for browsing, maybe if you went to a specific section, but I'm still not sold on that yet I wish flip board would bring back the bar at the top of the screen.

Personalized for any interest

I constantly have to exit the app to check the time or to see how much charge my battery is at. Why do companies think that they get to choose and limit what we can see? Thanks for the review, mo! Your home feed includes everything that you follow as well as any smart magazines you might have added. We want your Flipboard to be as personalized as possible. App Store Preview.

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