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Unlike most low-end or mid-ranged Android devices, iPhone and iPad devices tend to be more efficient in offering the kind of hardware which can help record better quality videos. This is perhaps the reason apps like Adobe Spark are usually not available for Android. While an Adobe Spark offering for Android is currently in development, it is likely that it might only work with high-end devices.

The point is that iDevices have the kind of hardware that gives an edge in making video presentations. You might make such a presentation or video clip by interviewing people on the streets or by capturing an extraordinary event on your mobile device. Such video clips can add a powerful touch to your presentations and enable you to reach out at a very personal level to win hearts and minds. Coming to Adobe Spark features; you can create videos with a voice-over using an iDevice, add a soundtrack and let the app do its magic.

You can choose from an archive of more than 25, images and icons for your visual stories and let Adobe Spark automatically render your videos with cinematic animations to give your video presentations and clips a professional look. You can also choose between various themes, fonts and upload videos online. HaikuDeck can be used for making attractive presentation decks via iPhone, iPad or web.

2) Keynote

You can begin making presentations on an iDevice by logging in using your HaikuDeck account, pick a template and start making slides using all major features you would expect in a good presentation app. What makes HaikuDeck worth using are the very attractive graphics, availability of a plethora of images, a wide range of useful layouts and the ability to publish your slides online.

Best Presentation Apps

HaikuDeck is not just a presentation maker but also an app you can use to present presentations in fullscreen mode on iOS devices. Needless to say, you can connect your iDevice to a projector to use HaikuDeck just like Keynote or PowerPoint to present professional presentations. HaikuDeck has a free and a paid version, with the utility to opt for in-app purchases. The high-quality graphics and imagery in premium content e.

SlideIdea is the kind of unique app that can help presenters make their presentations more attention grabbing. The app supports three formats, i. You can either import a slide deck or make one from scratch using some very attractive templates offered by SlideIdea. The editing features are similar to PowerPoint and Keynote, with a vast library of slide elements, support for whiteboard, animations and some handy transitions to switch your slides in style.

Furthermore, you can add audio recording and video clips to create Slidecasts, as well as engage your audience using online polls. It is sad to see that Prezi only has a Prezi Viewer for iDevices. Like its Android counterpart, this app is good for viewing and presenting Prezis. Back in the day, SlideShark was one of the top presentation apps for iOS. However, since the advent for PowerPoint for iOS, its importance has arguably diminished.

SlideShark is another app that can be used for viewing and presenting presentations. SlideShark supports uploading, viewing, presenting and sharing PowerPoint presentations while retaining original fonts, animations, colors and graphics. Moreover, there are a number of handy annotation features that can help you annotate slides during a Live presentation. SlideShark also gives the utility to broadcast presentations online to share them with your audience during a Live presentation. You can start your SlideShow directly from an iDevice remotely and instantly begin controlling your slides.

The app has some advanced premium features that you can opt for, these include annotation tools like a pointer and marker, as well as a timer to time, rehearse and see the elapsed time for your slides. While iDevices have always had some good teleprompter apps, this one is as good as it gets. Video Teleprompter not only allows you to instantly turn your iPhone or iPad device into a teleprompter to read out a script but also enables recording video presentations. The on-screen teleprompter can play your script and at the same time record your video using your iOS camera to enable you to create a video presentation or podcast.

Video Teleprompter provides good legibility for text that scrolls on your screen and makes it possible for you to face the camera while reading your script as if you are talking to your audience. Hence, it serves the dual purpose of acting as a teleprompter and video recording tool, which makes it perfect for making video presentations or video clips that you might want to include in your slides. We hope our list of the best presentation apps for iPhone and iPad gave you some useful ideas for making more robust presentations using iDevices.

The apps mentioned above can not only be used as standalone presentation apps but you can also use a number of these apps to add something special to your presentations. In fact, you might find it very useful to use some of the above mentioned apps in conjunction to design high-quality slides, video clips and to present them using an iPhone or iPad device. If you know of an awesome iOS presentation app which you believe should have been included in this list, do share your views with us by leaving a comment below.

The Best Presentation Apps for iPhone and iPad

Sanat Patel. These are using new platforms to do things the old way. We need insights that take advantage of new paradigms. Presentations that tell a story and engage your audience. Persuade with interactive data visuals easier to create than a powerpoint animation. OctaSales is the sales presentation web app for iPad and other tablets.

This interactive tool allows in-depth presentations of your sales material: Works both online and off-line as a regular app and its easy to integrate to external CRM systems. More information is available at: Thanks to the several customization options, you can make a presentation that can send the key message across with the desired impact.

Make the most of collaboration functionality to team up with your friends and colleagues to craft a top-notch project. To provide the enhanced safeguard and more accessibility, it automatically syncs all of your data with OneDrive.

7 vital iPad apps for sales presentations

Traveling a lot and got to report the miles? MileBug helps you track this effectively. You can set up multiple vehicles and even create accurate your expense report. You can try out the free version of the app that lets you track 10 trips at a time. Want to bolster your sales performance? Onsight Sales can be a super handy option for you.

It excels in accelerating your ordering process. With this app, you will be able to show products to your customers and create orders quickly. The attractive catalogs showcase your products elegantly. Better still, it works even offline so that you will continue to work without any interference. Repzio is made to be a real deal for both salespeople and manufacturers.

What stands it in good stead are the easy-to-use features that allow you to handle your task with consummate ease.

You will comfortably generate and scan barcodes. By letting you take orders fast, it not just saves your precious time but also simplifies the task. You will quickly find out the most viewed products and get to know the favorite products of your customers. Provide exclusive offers to promote your products.

Sales enablement platform & best presentation app for iPad and iPhone

Use the charts and statistics to have the right insight into how things are going on. Pepperi is a top-notch CRM tool. With this app, you will be able to present impressive e-catalogs, carry out in-store merchandising activities, take orders, speed up sales through upselling and cross-selling and more effortlessly. It also allows you to fill out customer visit forms and surveys. Are you in quest of a more effective tool to plan and manage your territories? Sales Navigator can let you get the best out of your daily schedules.

With this app, you will smartly plan your trips and be able to optimize your daily routes with drop-in visits as well as calendar appointments. You will comfortably send email, set up meetings, take notes, send emails and view websites right from within the app. More importantly, you can even create custom groups to prioritize contacts to simplify the task. SalesRabbit is exactly what you need to accelerate your sales and take full control of CRM.

With the use of videos and other vital presentation tools, you will be able to present your products more convincingly.

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The app allows you to map out existing customers to let you save plenty of time and carry out a task with more convenience. You can receive, upload and create leads on the fly.

Presentation Guru

Assign sales territories, track sales rep locations. Furthermore, you can use custom filters to find out opportunities and check out trends. Sales Kit features a simplified interface for showing your product catalog, processing orders, managing clients and data through your iPad. All data is synced to your Sales Kit account that can be managed via the web browser.

Features like offline processing, easy catalog management, and invoices make the app quite a tool for salespeople on the move. I hope these apps have been able to pass your acid test with flying colors. Besides, they are easy-to-use and offer more reliable user experience. admin