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If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center , please edit the question. It's not ideal, and may be painful, but have you tried doing a hard [cold] reset on your device? That will set it back to how it came from the factory. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Ending a program on Windows Mobile 6 that refuses to die [closed] Ask Question. I have an application that was installed on a handheld device running Windows Mobile 6. Is there any way to kill this thing? Brandon Brandon 9 Wait for Windows Mobile 7: Each icon has own memory indicator which displays program's memory usage.

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Clicking on program's icon you can open or close it. Right after you click the manager is displaying two icons.

Task manager for Windows Mobile

The left one the red cross close the program and the right one green arrow shows the running application. The secondary click on application icon will replace the left icon to red cross with green circle. Click it to close all programs except the current.

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This functon is very useful when you need to give maximum memory to this application. Current version: The Compact. At first that seemed to work fine, but then I discovered a nasty problem.

NET application. This will guarantee that e. Moreover it always looks more impressive and more professional if you split up code in separate layers, no? Thanks to COM interop — supported from Compact. NET Framework 2. But who said that writing software was easy? These issues were reported to Microsoft and confirmed as bugs and will be fixed hopefully in a next release of the Compact.

Task Manager for Windows Mobile and Windows CE

NET Framework. Nevertheless I will present you now a workaround for these bugs, one of the reasons I decided to write this article. The answer is basically simple. If you run a low priority thread and measure how much time it consumes in a certain time span, you know how much time the system didn't spend doing something else serving interrupts, running other threads We need another normal priority thread that will run briefly once every second, calculate the CPU load and fire a COM event. From our C code, we subscribe onto the COM event.

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But it turns out that when the Compact. Unadvise method. After a while — typically when you switch to another application and back to our sample application — the GC will kick in and unsubscribe our event totally out of our control. This is of course unwanted. Advise method from C as follows Periodically we want to update our UI with the current list of running processes and display their properties. In our application, we use the CpuLoad event for that, although you can use another timer event for that as well.

Next method. Next method that we will reimplement. This seems to avoid the bug. In our sample code CProcessList:: Process implements an interface that will give all information about the Process. System implements an interface for querying system wide memory usage and an interface for ending killing a process. By default, you can deploy the components onto the Windows Mobile 6.

As this is a 'Mixed Platforms' solution, you might need to deploy each project individually. Also make sure CEChart. Interesting to note is that the emulator is so good that it suffers from the same bugs as a real device. Microsoft did a good job in creating a bug emulator too. When these string s are defined, the code runs with the bugs still enabled in the code. By undefining the string s, you compile in the fixes for these bugs and the program will work fine.

For the interested reader, I have also included a solution that will compile both ToolBox. This is especially useful in debugging and comparing behaviors. It turns out that the desktop variant has none of the 2 mentioned bugs. Nevertheless, it is interesting to compare both versions. Of course, you can also use Visual Studio for deploying the components onto your device while debugging. If you are a Windows Mobile developer and you use COM interop regularly, you might run into these problems sooner or later.

I have presented you a solution for each of these problems. I hope this will encourage you to keep on writing software for Windows Smart Devices. If you encounter problems and if you are convinced they are bugs, you can always contact Microsoft and try to solve them. I have done it several times and it works. As a bonus, this article presents you sample code to write your own full featured TaskManager , a vital missing tool for any developer writing software for Windows Smart Devices. Good luck. Many thanks to my fellow 'late-hour code writer' and friend Kurt Mampaey who provided me with the CEChart.

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Stats Licenced CPOL. Werner Willemsens , 30 Nov Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Download demo - 1. This sample code uses COM and Compact. NET Framework 3.

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